Which systems do you have to offer?

We are extremely excited to offer 4 of the hottest games around! Featuring huge jackpots, in game bonuses and free play, and over 200 different games collectively! Chose to setup and account for Golden Dragon, VPower, Orion Stars, or River Sweeps today!

How do I setup an account?

Message us on our Win Big Money Facebook page or text us at (361)317-2653 to setup an account today! You will be asked to provide a valid ID, phone number, and email address. You must be legally able to play. You are also able to sign up on our website!

How do I send donations?

Donations should be sent via cashapp to our current cashtag. Please check to see that our cashtag has not changed before sending your donation. You do not need to inform us when a donation is sent as this causes delays. Each donation will be applied in the order it was received. You must include your full name, username/account number, and system of choice in the “for” box of your cashapp donation. Doing this reduces confusion and delays.

What is the difference in the game systems?

All four systems have so much to offer! Please visit our designated game tabs for more information on each system.

How do I redeem prizes?

To redeem, please message us and inform us of the amount you would like to redeem, personal cashtag, and from which system. We usually have a processing timeframe of up to 24 hours to receive your winnings. Please allow additional processing time for larger amounts.

Where is my redemption?

Please understand that management works as diligently as possible to redeem customers in a timely fashion. Once your name is reached you will be redeemed. Thank you for your patience.

When are the nightly giveaways and how do I get my name on the wheel?

Our Facebook live giveaways are nightly at around 10pm CST (subject to change.) If you donate 3000 (any system) you will be on that night’s wheel! Good luck!

Can I only send my donation via cashapp?

Yes, unfortunately at this time we are limited to cashapp, but we are looking forward to changes soon!

500 referral credits with a 500 donation - drop in your email address to claim and get started playing!