How To Play

Create An Account

To create an account for Orion Stars, VPower, River, or Dragon please text us at 361-317-2653 or message us at to set up your account. Please be prepared to provide a photo of your valid ID for verification purposes, a phone number, and/or email address.

Choose your game below to see the instructions on how to play.  These instructions are also available for you with associated buttons inside the games themselves.

Orion Stars includes well known games such as Fire Kirin and Kraken Strike and also new games such as Trump vs. Hillary and Fortune Gods!

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Add Credits Via Expo

Fund your Expo account and send us a donation so we can add it to your account

Website For Gameplay

Click the sign up button below and fill out the form and we will test you your player pin.

Once you have received your player pin click the button below and enter your pin.

Once logged in chose which game you wanna play. Be sure and check them all out, each one has different ways to win, play limits, and number of lines.

Download The App

After choosing one of the many classic games you will be loaded into a screen.  First you will need to add entrys, and to do that just click on the green + in the bottom left corner of your screen and select how much you want to add.

Click the menu button to go full screen, disable sound, or go home.

Download The App

Once you have loaded into the game you will need to purchase time. To do that just click the green + button in the bottom left corner of the screen, then just select how much you want. 

Rocket blaster is a straight forward point and shoot.

The Lock On Lazer is a point and lock on shooter for getting the Big Fish

Click on a Blaster to change it

Click the menu button to go full screen, disable sound, or go home

Click the auto button to sit back and let the credits roll in

Download the App

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