Jackpot Analysis: How Win Big Money Works

It is not often that you hit the jackpot. You think it’s a once in a lifetime. But no. Win Big Money gives you the chance to hit the jackpot frequently. With its easy to play games, you can now become a serial jackpot-winner. You will have enough money to fulfill the dreams that your 9 to 6 job can’t. Let’s do a quick jackpot analysis and see how you can win here.

Create your account

The first step to winning your first jackpot is creating your account on Win Big Money. You can message Win Big Money on their Facebook page at Facebook.com/leopardmobil. Alternatively, you can send a text at 361-317-2653 to set up your account. Make sure you keep a valid photo ID ready during the registration process. You will also need to provide your email address and/or phone number to complete your verification. The site will send a confirmation message, after which you can select the game you want to play. Expert opinion on jackpot analysis says that this process makes it safer for gamers to share personal details.

Types of games

Win Big Money currently has four games: Orion Stars, VPower, Dragon, and River. Here are the instructions that you need to follow while playing these games.

1. Orion Stars

Orion Stars contains top-notch games that open up possibilities to win multiple jackpots. You can play thrilling adventure games, such as Kraken Strike and Fire Kirin, or try some new games like Fortune Gods and Trump vs. Hillary. 

You must down the Orion Stars app on your iOS or Android mobile to play these games. There is no need to create a new account on Orion Stars. You can use your user id and password from Win Big Money to log in. The games are available right on the dashboard. You can see your earnings under your profile. 

Link your Expo account to Orion Stars before playing any game. This will not only help to add credits but also withdraw your earnings. Add your first donation to your Orion Stars wallet and start playing the games you like.

2. VPower

VPower works differently than any other gaming platform that you can think of. Instead of buying coins, you need to buy time here. Download the VPower app on your iOS or Android smartphone first. Let the game load on your mobile phone. Next, purchase time by clicking on the Green button in your bottom left corner. It has a “+” sign beside it. Once you click the “+” sign, it will give you the option of how much time you want to purchase.

Remember, the more time you buy, the more chances you have to finish the game. This means you have a better chance to win the jackpot. VPower has only one game called Rocket Blaster. It is a simple point and shoot game. You will find a Lock on Lazer feature that allows you to lock the target before you shoot. Use that feature to get the Big Fish. You can change your Blaster, go full screen, or disable sound to play the game without disturbing anyone. 

The game credits your earnings once you hit the Big Fish. Use the auto button to let your earnings roll. It is the most straightforward game that can help you win your first jackpot.

3. Dragon

Dragon doesn’t require you to download any application. You can play this game directly from its website. Visit its official website and sign up to start winning jackpots. Dragon asks for an additional sign up procedure to add another layer of privacy to your details. You need to fill out a form and enter the pin that Dragon sends you. This will enable you to log in and play the games.

Dragon has a wide range of games under its roof. Every game comes with its terms, conditions, and instructions. Read the instructions carefully before playing. You will also need to connect your bank account with Dragon to send and withdraw money into your Dragon wallet. Different games have different play limits, number of lines, and withdrawal rules. Go through these details before you put your money into any game.

4. River

River is another app-based platform. You have to download this app on your iOS or Android mobile phone to play the games. It consists of tons of classic games that you may have already played before. If you love nostalgia, then you should try the games in River. It will take you back to your childhood days. Only this time, you have the chance to win a jackpot. 

The first thing you need to do after choosing a game is adding entrys. Like VPower, you have to click the “+” sign on the bottom left corner of your phone. The more entrys you add, the more chances you create to win the jackpot. You can disable game sounds and go full screen to enjoy the game. River will keep adding your earnings to its virtual wallet. You can transfer your earnings to your bank account once you link it after downloading the app.

Is Win Big Money safe?

According to the jackpot analysis of experts, Win Big Money is absolutely safe for gaming enthusiasts. It doesn’t shy away from keeping its promise, which is to let you win jackpots frequently. You should register on this website right away and see your luck change overnight. If you want to win jackpots consistently, feel free to play the games in Win Big Money today.

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