Jackpot Bingo Just Got Better!

Who does not like to play bingo! The anticipation of each number as it is called out and hunting for the number on your card creates a lot of excitement and energy in the air. Bingo is really fun at many levels. Some devoted players play on a routine basis. However, the old way requires people to drive to a bingo parlor and sit in a room of people. What if you cannot make it out that day, and you really want to play? Jackpot bingo is your answer, and you can play at winbigmoney.com.

Is It Really Bingo?

Jackpot bingo is every bit like traditional bingo but much better. You still get to play with a community of players, only each player is online. You get a virtual bingo card, and you wait for the system to call out a number. If you are the first person to get numbers in a row, you win the bingo round. However, Jackpot bingo goes one step further in that every player can play the jackpot challenge to win at a really big jackpot. Traditional bingo games will not give you that!

How To Sign Up

Go to winbigmoney.com and get an account created for you. You can text them your request or message them through Facebook. You need to provide a photo identification to verify your identity. You also need to give them your phone number and email, and after that they will send you your login instructions. You can play jackpot bingo right away.

Play Whenever You Want

Since you can play jackpot bingo on your phone, you have no limitations as to where or when you can play. You do not have to wait for a bingo room to open. You do not have to drive anywhere. If you wake up in the middle of the night because you cannot sleep, you can play a game of jackpot bingo if you like. If you are at the laundromat waiting for your laundry to get done, play a game or two. Every time you play, you have a chance to win!

Lots Of Bonuses

Win Big Money gives a lot of in-game bonuses to players for all the games. These are free chances to play, and these have just as good a chance of winning. They announce weekly promotions through their Facebook page. Be sure to grab those and use them right away because if you miss the chance, you will not get another weekly bonus in the same week. You will have to wait for the next one.

A popular incentive is their referral program. When you refer a friend and he creates and funds his account, you and your friend will get 500 free play credits each. This is a very generous bonus among all the gaming platforms. And there is no cap to the number of people you refer. Each person who signs up will get you 500 free play credits. Imagine how many free plays you can get in jackpot bingo if you refer all of your friends!

You can also get 100 free sweepstakes entries each day by just asking for them. You get free chances to win money without investing anything. So, remember to ask for those everyday.

Fast Payout and Great Service

When you win at jackpot bingo, you will get your payout very quickly. There is not a long wait to get your money. Customers of Win Big Money all have good things to say about the customer service. They like the fast payouts and the friendly staff who answer their questions. If you have any issues with your account, just contact them, and a friendly customer service agent will help you get the issue resolved quickly so you can get back into playing jackpot bingo and other games.

Great Way To Socialize

Even though you are playing jackpot bingo online, that does not mean you cannot play with your friends. Just invite them over to your house and play on your phones together. You can sit together and chat with each other while playing on your bingo cards. In many ways, it is better than sitting in a bingo room because you can get up and get a snack from your own kitchen at any time. Make a bingo night at your house, and you will have a lot of fun.

Modern Way to Play Bingo

Jackpot bingo is so much better than traditional bingo, and people see all of the advantages. You can win so much more than just getting rows of number on the card. The jackpot portion of it really excites players because every player has a chance at it. The design is superb and the game action is fun. Win Big Money really takes good old bingo to a whole new level.

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