Play The Best Slots of Vegas From Home

There’s no rush greater than pulling on a colorful slot machine and hitting a jackpot. But flying all the way to Las Vegas just to get that adrenaline hit isn’t the best plan. Luckily, you don’t have to. Now you can enjoy the slots of Vegas without leaving the comfort of your couch or computer chair.

At, you can play a huge variety of slot games on your computer or even your phone. Payouts are instant, and there are tons of winners every day. All you need to do is create an account on

But once you’ve signed up, where should you start? offers over 200 games to choose from, so it can be a little overwhelming. Here are some of our favorites.

Golden Oz

This colorful game uses the characters and settings of the classic Wizard of Oz movie and books. With five reels and a total of 25 paylines, you’ll get to see a bunch of familiar faces, including the scarecrow without a brain, the cowardly lion, the tin man with the missing heart, and even protagonist Dorothy herself.

The film’s iconic tornado is represented as well, serving to offer up free spins to dedicated players. Many of the slots of Vegas feature familiar licenses, and Golden Oz is one of the best at this.

Buster Hammer Carnival

Not only can you play awesome slots from home – you can also enjoy the atmosphere of a festive carnival. The Buster Hammer Carnival game presents one of the best home slot game experiences available, with an extra-wide game window and more ways to win than ever before. And it wraps all of that around with a fun, cartoony visual style focused around the strongman character Buster Hammer.

When we say “more ways to win than ever,” we mean it, too. In regular play, Buster Hammer Carnival features a whopping 3,125 possible paths to victory. When you use a free spin, the reels expand, offering nearly 33,000 ways to win. If that doesn’t boggle your mind and get you ready to spin some reels, nothing will!

Legend of 9 Suns

Looking for a game with a more Eastern flair? Legend of 9 Suns might be just the thing for you! This slot game offers fantastic pay-out percentages and a pleasing Asian aesthetic. The game has been built around a Chinese folk tale, letting you get a taste of another culture while having fun. Who says you need to leave your house to tour the world?

Lucky Show

Sometimes a slot game doesn’t need to be overly complicated to be worth playing. Lucky Show keeps things simple with three reels and nine lines to win on. However, the glitzy game show visuals add a really great feel that would be totally at home in the slots of Vegas.

And just because it’s smaller in scale than some other slot games, that doesn’t mean the prizes aren’t big enough to fit in with any great game show. Lucky Show offers huge multipliers and unbelievable jackpots that you’re going to want to hunt down.

Western Gold

We love us a good cowboy yarn, and Western Gold is about the closest you can get to a Clint Eastwood epic in the form of a slot game. With five reels, 40 lines, and multiple ways to earn free spins or respins, you’ll be having winning shootouts at high noon in no time.

This game features all sorts of Western iconography to match up in the reels, including cowboy hats, spurs, and six-shooters. It’s enough to transport you to the Wild West and make you want to saddle up to the bar and say, “Howdy, partner.”


The Amazonia slot game takes you on a trip to the lush rainforests of South America. With beautiful plantlife and exciting creatures such as panthers and parrots on display, this game is sure to hold your attention. It offers great payouts for very little investment, including one of our favorite features: “mystery wins” that offer surprise, immediate boosts to your winnings. When you’re having this much fun, you’ll never want to leave the jungle.

Gustavo El Luchador

A great theme can set any slot game apart, and Gustavo El Luchador has one of our favorites. Based around the world of Mexican professional wrestling, this game is full of fun, cartoon muscleheads beating up on each other and performing feats of overwhelming strength.

Symbols in Gustavo El Luchador include a cactus, a bottle of tequila, and a taco, making it a little stereotypical but still a fun trip south of the border. It also includes an impressive 20 lines for victory, which expands to 81 during free spins. These jackpots will be enough to make you want to get your opponent down for the one-two-three and claim the world title belt.

These are just a few of our top choices for games to check out on There are dozens of other options, and honestly, you could play a different game every day for a year and not get bored. The slots of Vegas are exciting, but even they can’t offer that level of variety, much less the convenience of being able to play them from your own home!

Be sure to make your own account on and check out the many games available today!

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