You Can Do Better Than The Sweepstakes Audit Bureau

In the world of gaming, a lot of places will tell you that they have the insider secrets on the best games that give you the highest prizes. One of the these places is called Sweepstakes Audit Bureau. They claim they have the latest information on the best sweepstakes games that are currently going on, and they will even help you enter them. However you have to send them $5 to get this information. While $5 might not sound like much, you really do not have to pay for this information because the best sweepstakes games are already at actually enables you to enter sweepstakes for free. In fact, on their website, they said there is absolutely no purchase necessary to enter sweepstakes. It is right there on the big banner at the bottom of each page. So, why pay $5 to Sweepstakes Audit Bureau when you can enter without paying for entries?

Every page on has a “sign up” button at the top of the page. Just click on it to get started. The sign-up procedures are simple, and in fact, the company does the work for you. You just need to text them your current photo ID and provide a phone number and email address. They create an account for you based on your information. When that is done, they will send you the information you will need to login. There is no charge like the $5 that Sweepstakes Audit Bureau charges you.

Win Big Money is very generous with offers of in-game bonus plays and promotional credits. In fact, after you get your account, you can request them to give you 100 free sweepstakes credits everyday. Those credits are absolutely free. Use them to enter your favorite sweepstakes without spending a penny of your own money. The next day, you can ask for another 100 free sweepstakes entries that you can use. This is a lot better than paying Sweepstakes Audit Bureau to tell you what you know already.

Win Big Money also runs promotions every week on Facebook. This provides players with more opportunities to win. The promotion only lasts a week so make a point to grab it before it is gone. If you miss an opportunity to take advantage of the promotion, you will lose out on free plays that week, but everyone can get a new promotion next week. If you want to maximize your chances to win, try not to lose out on these promotions. Sweepstakes Audit Bureau does not have any promotions like Win Big Money.

To earn more free play credits, you can refer your gaming friends and relatives to join Win Big Money. Win Big Money will reward you and your friend each with 500 free play credits. Your friend has to make sure to provide your name as the referrer when signing up. They also need to fund their accounts within 48 hours. When that is done, you can enjoy your 500 free play credits in whatever game you like. Sweepstakes Audit Bureau will not have any information on something like this.

Sweepstakes Audit Bureau makes it sound like they have the best list of sweepstakes games out there, and they want $5 for that information. However, you really do not have to pay them for this information. The best sweepstakes are already there in If you or your friends get a solicitation from Sweepstakes Audit Bureau, just ignore it. You do not have to pay anyone $5 to enter the best sweepstakes that are free to enter.

People like the sweepstakes games on because when you win, you get instant payout. It is clean and straightfoward. Sweepstakes Audit Bureau might have a list of sweepstakes, but the game quality of these lesser known sweepstakes is unknown and the payout can be unpredictable. You might be paying $5 for information that is not helpful.

Besides a fast payout, Win Big Money prides itself in offering the highest level of customer service everytime. The staff is friendly and easy to talk to. For people new to online gaming, there might be many questions about platforms and games. The customer service agent is always patient with the explanation. If there are issues with an account, the agent will resolve the problem quickly.

Win Big Money has a great reputation among the players. People are happy with the variety of games they can play. They love the free credits that are given out so freely, and instant payout cannot be beat. The list of sweepstakes games from the Sweepstakes Audit Bureau will not be better than what you can play at Win Big Money. Instead of paying $5 for a list, why not put that into your Win Big Money account and have fun playing your favorite games!

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